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Welcome to Alchemist Audio. I'm Nathan Charles Portlock and I create innovative and emotionally vibrant music for visual media.

Alchemist Audio is the crucible where your vision meets my expertise in crafting the perfect soundtrack to your ideas. My music will intimately reflect the nuances of your project and significantly enhance its emotional message.   

My service is an antidote to generic production music and is provided with character and professionalism at competetive rates. 

I believe passionately that if your project is truly unique then it deserves a bespoke soundtrack.

If you'd like to discuss a collaboration then please get in touch.

May your muses smile upon you.

My clients say...

"We approached Nathan with a seemingly tight deadline to score a short film he'd never watched, (only with samples of temporary music to listen to) and he exceeded and went beyond our expectations as to how possible it is to have high quality music with such a quick turnaround. Nathan is multi-faceted and skilled beyond his humble attitude, and he remains our first choice for any projects that come up involving emotionally charged scores.  I highly recommend working with him" 

Brian Ceci 

Co-Producer, "Make Hockey Happen: Open Ice" Vancouver, Canada


"Nathan quickly understood our exacting needs and the limitations of our budget, then was able to turn around something that exceeded our expectations completely – well within deadline. We were also delighted with the helpful friendliness of this very talented musician.”

Nick Johnstone

Deputy News Editor and Podcast Producer

Property Week 

London UK


"You've been a real pleasure to work with and I'm getting great feedback about the music from the client and online. You've saved me time and stress and I love the track. Thankyou."

Alison George

Catseye Productions

Port George, Australia


"You were awesome the whole way through the project and even though you're on the other side of the globe it was still quite personal being able to speak via Skype to help the project along. We love the piece of music you put together. Worked out perfectly for the project. Both the music and the artist behind it were exactly what we wanted."

Shaun Finn

Finnesse Media, Vancouver, Canada


"It's not easy to work out how to translate a brief into a musical representation of a brand to create a theme with the necessary feel for a podcast. But Nathan did it and with style, flair and within a tight deadline. We now have an iconic piece of music that gives a clear message that we are here to entertain and inform our listeners and subscribers. Job done!"

James Max

Broadcaster & Presenter Property Week Podcast

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